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Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Cool2Vote is a new movement in Nigeria endorsed my many youths and celebs, which is aimed at encouraging young people to come out and vote. Not only to vote but to also have the right information about all the candidates so they can make the right decision when voting.
The movement is not endorsing any candidate.

The time has come for Nigerian youths to stop being spectators in our own tragedy. We must step out of our comfort zones to register, select credible candidates, vote for them and protect our votes. Enough siddon look! I will register to vote, vote and defend my vote. I am Funmi Iyanda and I believe it’s cool to vote!” – Funmi Iyanda

To participate in the cool2vote process as a volunteer, recruiter or ambassador, send an email to


doll (retired blogger) said...

nice one

Anonymous said...

democracy in action. hope d ones in power don't manipulate the youths tho.

Anonymous said...

oh please! they already picked who won the election.

BB said...

Nice idea.....tacky name.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention.. Its very much appreciated..

Cool2vote should be shared by all Nigerians. You should join us on Twitter @cool2vote, facebook @cool2vote nigeria group and our website will be up soon.

If you join a movement where you and your friends can make your voice heard, even cool2vote can not make you change ur mind. All we do is supply you with information about all candidates. The name might not go down with everyone but feel free to make suggestions. we are very open to ideas. NO ONE HAS MONOPOLY OF GREAT IDEAS. Send email to

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