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Friday, 11 December 2009

Fela Durotoye's 'Mushin Make-over'

Frequently asked questions ...

What is Mushin Makeover?
 Mushin Makeover is a 1-DAY community development face-lift program which will bring about the physical beautification of selected areas of cities by the efforts of up to 5,000 volunteers – including you - from within and outside the community. This specifically involves painting of buildings and roadside curbs along the most noticeable and eye-catching parts of the seven selected streets in Mushin over a duration of 8 hours NON-STOP!

Where are the Pickup points?
National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos
New State High School, Palm Avenue, Mushin

Fela Durotoye

Any transportation arrangements?
Buses will be available at the National Stadium to convey volunteers to their designated streets. Tomorrow Saturday 12th Dec @ 7am prompt.
Where are squad / street locations?
Squad 1&8: Agege Motor Road
Squad 2: Olateju Road
Squad 3: Olanibi/Ojekunle Street
Squad 4: Ladipo Street
Squad 5: Isolo Road
Squad 6&9: Palm Avenue/Fafolu Street
Squad 7&10: Ogunmokun Road

Where are registration points on the streets?
Agege Motor Road – Olorunsogo Bus-Stop
Olateju Street - House No 32, 64, 81, 103
Olanibi/Ojekunle Street - House No 22
Ladipo Street – House No 41 and 20
Isolo Road - House No 31, 56, 64, 99, 117
Palm Avenue/Fafolu - No 95,23/25,Mushin LG Secretariat
Ogunmokun Road - House No 87

I can’t bring paints, what can I do?
Simply come to any registration point on your designated street on Saturday and be part of history!

For further enquiries please call ‘Seun on 07069690585 or e-mail makeover@gemstone2025.org


Anonymous said...

arrant non sense, av always known fela to be an attention seeker, but i never knew u could go this far, what is the essence of this exactly, if u are looking for places to paint, mushin is not the right place to go to, mushin is not a slum, what heroes are u looking for? after painting what next? mushin as u are trying to paint it is not like that at all and to me its really a bad impression u are creating. this is an aimless and senseless mission to embark upon. go do something worthwhile with the youths there, not by painting 7 streets and raking in millions of naira into ur pockets.

la~pimpette said...

I think this is a great idea!! I absolutely love it! When will they get to PH plz? That city needs renovation!!

Myne said...

I attended one of FD's talks several years ago and he continues to inspire with this event. All the best to those taking part and may this be just one of many good things to come.

JanuskieZ said...

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Anonymous said...

@ anon, it might look like bunch of nonsense but it's still something. This little things will one day turn to something big. I don't know this guy, but I think what he's doing is a great idea. Nigerians can't wait for the government anymore, we individuals can start doing something, and start from little. Why don't we support people who are actually trying to do something positive, instead of bashing them.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous (1). The guy is a chronic attention seeker. God forgive me for being critical, but I have to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Na wa for beef o!!! Fela ride on ojare!!

Emmanuel Ayeni said...

FD is an Icon He continues to be an Inspiration to Youths of this generation and a noble mentor to us all! More blessings sir!

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