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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Photo of the day

I've never particularly seen singer Chris Brown as a sex symbol but there's something so fresh and so clean about him in this picture...

This is one of his promo pics for his upcoming album 'Graffiti' which will be released December 15, 2009.

He looks sad but still delicious. The finest I've seen him :-)
You likey likey?


cici said...

He`s definitely yummy but still cant get past the domestic violence stuff

Anonymous said...

Just looking at that pic, there are a 100 things i would love to do to... um excuse me... with him. Please everyone deserves a second chance. I hope he gets it. Chris rocks!!!!!

la~pimpette said...

This is probably the best pic he has in like 4eva... I agree wiv anon7:15, he does deserve a second chance... no1 really knows what happened in that car all we've heard and seen r just pics and rumors. He has done his time...comm service & is still on d 5yr probation!
I think Riri has gotten past it so cant we all?? Just saying!

Miz B said...

I think he should be forgiven..he most have learnt his lesson by now...but how do you believe all those love songs he will be singing? Maybe he should change to gangster rap! Just a thot! lol!

Anonymous said...

....Hopefully he'll get back on the charts.......he is definately a cutie

Anonymous said...

ive neva seen chris brown as a sex symbol either. he's always lukd like one small ibo boy to me (no offence 2 ibos)ive alwayz loved NEYO though..he is a lot more mature!
bt dis pic....beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol...Linda he's too young 4 u. Go and salivate for ur type.

Anonymous said...

He has a resemblance to D'banj on this pic

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