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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Kidnappers demand N500 million for Soludo's father

Father of the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Chukwuma Soludo, Mr. Simon Nwankwo was kidnapped on Tuesday Oct 27th 2009, in his hometown of Isuofia in Aguata local government Area by a six-man gang who came in a Peugeot 406 saloon car.

The kidnappers of the 78-year old man are demanding the sum of N500 mSillion as ransom before they would release the father of the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the 2010 Anambra Sate governorship election.

N500 million?
There's something extremely wrong with kidnapping a man who's almost 80...and didn't do anything wrong.
How do you think we can curb kidnapping in Nigeria?


TKB's thoughts said...

Soludo should have known better to abstain from politics, being a former CBN Governor does not mean he can handle politics. see what this has caused him. I am sure some opportunists are behind this but they will give it a political undertone. This type of thing will continue until we have a responsive Government,people who are sensitive to the pains of the people, people who are proactive and not mere ideologists. Only then can we hope that the spate of kidnappings will stop. I tell you, if not for the fact that security is tight in Abuja, such incidences would have started in FCT. People are angry, and frustrated. While we are not rationalizing crime, the right thing should be done at the right time.

Unknown said...

that is politics.and in it anything can happen.i pray he sorts it out before something bad happens to his old man...anyhow his now in the game i think he will play it out.N500emm! omo, no bi belenje dough.

Anonymous said...

We should start telling the truth no matter what situation we are in. If Soludo stands for the truth and make sure everybody around him does, this will not happen to him. He has every right to seek the post of a state governor, but not at all cost. He should have rejected the concession candidate stuff and insist on an election. The Truth shall always prevail. Time to wake up Nigeria! This is just the beginning. Time to be accountable is now, time to care for others is now.

SHEI FUNMI said...


Efosa King Osamwonyi said...

If those entrusted with public funds become more responsible to the people,am sure it will help a great deal.

Anonymous said...

i love this country.....we seem to be the shittest people alive with all sorts of things happening right under our noses.......yet we look so calm.aren't we wonderful people?
-Nduyeobong Akpan

Anonymous said...

pls dont crucify me if i tell u pple that i know for sure Soludo planned this, he wanted public sympathy. I av decided to sidon they look in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Nawa for this kidnappers they jack old man that is about to die...... the man is not worth 500 million if they really wan kidnap person dem go find correct person to kidnap and how are we not sure this is not all planned by emmm (i would not metion any name)

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