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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Virgin Nigeria now Nigerian Eagle Airlines

"From today, the name 'Virgin Nigeria' ceases to exist. We are now called Nigerian Eagle Airlines. We are not just changing the name of the airline; we are creating a brand. We are creating a brand of airline rather than a product."

The Managing Director of Nigerian Eagle Airlines, (formerly Virgin Nigeria Airways), Captain Dapo Olumide, unveiled the new name of the airline on Thursday Sept 17th, further cutting ties with founder, Virgin Atlantic Limited, British billionaire Richard Branson, who was looking to sell its 49 per cent stake in the airline, for which it paid around $25 million in 2005.

The airline is currently in talks with international investors to raise fresh capital.

Nigerian Eagle Airlines. Kinda like the name...but why didn't we just go back to Nigeria Airways? Anyway we all know it takes more than a change in name to operate a viable business, so name doesn't matter. What worries me is our past history with managing complex entities like this. I mean I am happy that we have a national carrier again (or isn't it?) but do you sincerely believe we can pull it off, make it better and not run it down like before?
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BLAST MODE! said...

Nigerian eagle it took that bloody country aviation department to come up with Nigerian eagle airline, after frustrating virgin airways. The only vision i have about this is that this project would soon go out of existence just the way Nigerian airways did as an eagle and elephant.

Anonymous said...

I no go enter this airline. Branson had to run hen he saw the thiefing that was going on.

Arti Masjidil Haram said...

thank's linda

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