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Friday, 1 May 2009

Soldiers kill undergraduate

Sometimes you hear some things and you can't just understand how it can happen. It's not new really, but it's still painful every single time.
Y'all need to read this very sad story.

Soldiers kill undergraduate for wearing green colour - Daily Sun
Thursday, April 30, 2009

It sounds like one of the fairy tales, but it is a true story of an undergraduate of Akwa Ibom State University, who was tortured to death by three armed soldiers for wearing green colour.The tragic incident occurred in Ogba area of the Lagos metropolis.

The victim, Ajayi Ebenezer and his friends were said to be on their way to a suya spot near Ogba bus stop, when the soldiers, in military camouflage uniform allegedly accosted him.

One of his friends, who simply identified himself as Wasiu, told Daily Sun that he was just passing by, on that fateful Saturday, when he saw three soldiers torturing and dragging Ajayi on the ground.He explained that he tried to inquire from the victim what the problem was, adding that one of the soldiers sternly warned him to leave the scene or be shot.

He said he quickly left spot and saw one of Ajayi's friends, explaining to sympathizers that the soldiers were torturing him for putting on what looked like army uniform.

According to him, nobody was able to stop the soldiers, as they threatened to shoot anyone that tried to intervene.
He said: "We were watching helplessly, as the soldiers dragged Ajayi to the Area `G' police Command, Ogba. People, especially, women were weeping profusely but no one could assist Ajayi, who was shouting that he was dying."Wasiu said he rushed to Ajayi's house where he briefed members of his family on the development.

He said when he and members Ajayi's family visited the Area `G' command, headquarters, the policemen at the gate told them that he had been released by the soldiers.

But few hours after waiting in vain for his return and after searching for him, they received a shocking news that his dead body was dumped at Oguniyi Road, near Pen Cinema, Agege.

According to him, when they got to the scene, they were informed by some commercial motorcycle operators that they saw some policemen removing a corpse.To their amazement, when they got to the Pen Cinema police station, they were told that the corpse had been deposited at the mortuary.

Embittered Wasiu said: " Infact, I am still in shock because I don't see the basis for killing that boy. That he was putting on what looked like army uniform did not mean he was a criminal."

Another eyewitness, Ngozi Onwuka, told Daily Sun that she was in vintage position, where she was hawking oranges when she saw the soldiers asking the deceased why he was putting on military uniform . She said as the victim was trying to explain to them that it was not army uniform, the soldiers started beating him.

She said: "They were hitting him with the butt of the gun and at the same time, kicking and dragging him on the ground. I knew the guy would not survive the beating but I am still in shock over the barbaric act."

When contacted for comments, the Lagos State police spokesman, Mr. Frank Mba, who confirmed the incident said the case was still being investigated.

I'm lost for words... all I'm thinking now is; what if that was my brother or cousin or would I even begin to understand or forgive? Where would I go to get justice?
Why do things like this happen in this country?
May his soul rest in peace...


YankeeNaijaGurl said...

What a SHAME!. Stories like this break my heart. The soldiers should definately be prosecuted to the fullest, if that means being hung to death in public....go for it! My heart goes out to his friends and family. Good work Linda have a fabulous weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm tooooooooooo sad to leave a comment. However, I believe God will judge. May his soul rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

I'm tooooooooooo sad to leave a comment. However, I believe God will judge. May his soul rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

First, may his soul rest in peace...
2nd, was it really just for wearing the colour green/what looked like army uniform that he was being treated like a criminal? even a criminal ought not to be treated that about protecting and defending the nation?
From experience, the guilty soldiers would go scot free...thankfully, the Bible promises that no guilty party would go unpunished (unless of course, they confess their sins and turn to God)...

Anonymous said...

This is sickening!
they need to cut their dicks off as they watch. what type of nonsense is this? i am very upset by this story.

Anonymous said...

Na wa ooh! This is truly shocking and utterly disappointing 2 read about. So much 4 rebranding. I guess we should learn a very hard 'lesson' and leave anything remotely resembling camouflage for the beasts of this nation. At times like this i wonder why I live in such an uncivilised society. We never heard what became of the investigation into the vicious assault on Uzoma Okere

Anonymous said...

you know it all boils down to plain wickedness. the devil makes work... our soldiers are idle.
my heart weeps. RIP

Ejike Manny said...

Does news like this ever get to Mr President at Aso Rock? God save this country

2.0 said...


Obiajulum said...

Linda, my Sista, what else can one say? This A Nation Under Siege (ANUS), pardon my language. You hear some stories that chill you to the bones and you woonder. They have children, same thing will be meted out to their children.

Anonymous said...

Can an Army officer drop a line here, to explain the crime in wearing a 'camo' outfit. and also to confirm if it the punitive action is death. i must say in addition that it is people, my brothers,my sisters, YOUR brothers, YOUR sisters that engage in taking of lives like they are gods.I mean, these people dont drop from the sky...that is how they killed that poor boy some time back at stadium.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Would be nice to have links to the stories you publish on these pages.

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