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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

More Casting Pix...

Today was incredibly fun at work. Jackson wasn’t around so I had some breathing space. Six of my friends came at different times to see me…they came to check out my new space. It was so fun not thinking of business for one day…just talking, exchanging Ideas, eating, drinking and having laughs. was one of dem guest I had fun with...great chap.

Despite all the fun, I still managed to conduct my casting. 11 girls came but only 2 were good enough for what I need them for. You will see their pix in a bit. I have their permission to put their faces on the internet…in fact when I told them what I intended to do, they were all pretty much excited and started giving me poses…hoping y’all will shortlist them. So I gave them the blog site to go check out your comments…so feel free to let them know what you think of them as models.

Also, the posters, handbills, invites and tickets for my Style Night fashion show are out. Jackson (Events), Alfred (Creative), Sandra (Models manager) and Rolf (Client Service) are taking it upon themselves to get half the people in Lagos to come for the show lol. We are hoping for at least 500 people and if only 100 of them pay…that would be great. Others can come in free. The idea is to have a lot of people there to get our potential sponsors interested in sponsoring the next event. They’ve all promised to come see what the show is all about.

Doing this monthly show at small venues is just to register the name in the minds of people and prepare for a very grand Style Night later in the year…

My aim is to help revive and revitalize the fashion industry in the little way I can in Naija. Hopefully a lot of people will support the dream…

Ok let’s check pix of girls from today…

Bola Baiye

Of all the girls I’ve seen so far, this is the one I particularly like. 5 ‘11’, 18, pretty, long legs and nice catwalk.








So far who do u like?

BTW, I’ve met a third blogger. Segedoo of He brought me a beautiful painting. Never owned a painting before…I love paintings but just never brought myself to buy one. Segedoo, tall, well educated, crazily good looking…if only he was 10 years older…sigh! lol.

Anyway any blogger or a reader of this blog who wants to come for the show should talk to Sandra 08033595004 or Jackson 08036429347, or even me on 01-8509898…would love to have you around.

Tomorrow I’ll find time to give you entertainment gist and gossip.

Another BTW, I heard…I said I heard…don’t know how true this is…that 2, 000 Nigerian doctors who live in Atlanta Georgia are coming to set up 20 world class hospitals in Naija by the end of the year. Na true? Someone told me that the former Mayor of Atlanta,Andrew Young, announced it on TV. They were inspired to get the project kicking because of the transparency shown by our current president Musa Yar’adua who became the first president in the history of Nigeria to publicly declare his assets.

A Governor (Katsina) for 8 years is worth 850, 000 million naira…with half of it being inheritance from family. Forty three million Naira is all the cash he has…no foreign account or property and you say this is not the man we need? He will do well.

Lastly, the auditioning for Gulder Ultimate search 4 is 17th of July at the Union Bank Sports club, on Bode Thomas, Surulere…will give you full details of that later.

do let the girls know what you think.

Be good to others, after you’ve been great to yourself.



Anonymous said...

The models I like are: Joy, Jane, Jennifer, Azeezat and Bola (in no particular order).

Anonymous said...

none fits the bill ..

Anonymous said...

Dayuuuuuum, Linda...u wan turn me into gay. Now dis is what i'm talking about. Never knew there'r still fine girls like dis in lagos o. First of, Bola is such a cutie, she's got dat vulnerability about her, she reminds me of Agbani Darego and i think she'll go many places, if she's led to d right direction. Then, where does Jennifer and Azeezat come from? Goodness, me Jennifer's got dat fulani look about her. And Joy's abs r out of dis world biko nne. Does she work out at all? Fine girls.
As far as i'm concerned, u should choose all of them

Toni Payne said...

dunno why but Bola jumped at me.. I guess I like her look. but her patricia and joy.. Bola for sure tho. You know what, everytime Americas next top model came on I was always right about who would go and who would stay. So so far out of everyone she stands out the most for me.

Mimi said...

jane and BOLA.

jane has attitude

Bola: extremely pretty, tall enough and well, she's the best so far!

Unknown said...

I'll go for Jane, Joy and Bola.

Jane has got that first impression of boldness, courage and looks like someone that can work independently of orders.

Joy has got the beauty and body to go with it. Being a looker, she'll definitely attract the required audience :)

Bola's look is vulnerably innnocent. She's the kind of a person you'll want to be your baby mama (no pun intended) And with the rigiht attitude adn poise, she'll break records.

Anonymous said...

bola is the biz

Anonymous said...

i wud say cathy (her spread out eyes give her a plus), joy (she is good looking, but she doesnt have strong model features) she is more like a beauty queen.. maybe joy, she looks cute and innocent and will do well as a commercial model (adverts etc) but not really couture stuffs... just my opinion..

so who did u pick?

Anonymous said...

Now, where did you get your gist from? There are not even 2,000 Doctors in da whole city of Atlanta, let alone Nigerian doctors.
As per your 'he will do well' president, between 1999 and 2007, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s assets grew by over N700 million!
Where is the source of his wealth? Beats me!

On a lighter note, to me Joy is da bomb, she got mad killa curves! Teww Hoyt!

BOBBY said...

Joy and Bola do it for me.

Anonymous said...

Bola loooks like the typical girl next door I am sure she will even look better with a little bit of money Joy looks sassy & confident but the rest I'll pass.

Segedoo said...

Thank you Linda 4 the complements.

Too bad i'm gonna miss your modeling show...I had to go for my flatmate's introduction as per his homie from way way back.

i hope it's been framed.. lol

Bola's really cute and i feel joy's flat tommy too

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