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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Photos: Two reportedly shot dead during shootout over Oil Company security surveillance job in Ondawari community, Bayelsa State

Two people including a security personnel were killed during a shootout between security operatives and some youths over Agip surveillance security jobs in Ondawari community, southern Ijaw local government of Bayelsa state.
Ranamia Afagha on Thursday, July 20th, posted the photos of one of the deceased alleging that JTF forced the community to bury the other young man shot dead.

He wrote:
"What is going on in Ondawari community in southern Ijaw local government of Bayelsa state? I understand there was a shootout in this town because of Agip surveillance security jobs and presently the jtf has two gun boats station in the town and as at last Sunday the JTF shot a young man and forced the community to bury him at night without allowing videos or pics to be taken.. The pics showing here I was told is that of one of the surveillance security personnel who died after a gun battle with some other youths who felt they were short changed in the security employment..
Can I have updates and confirmation of these stories?"


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