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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

E4 PR Photoshoot with Monalisa Chinda and Chioma Akpotha

Photoshoot directed by Egor Efiok
Photography by Moussa Moussa
Makeup by Nicole Umoren of Exquisita.

More pictures of the lovely ladies when you continue >>


Anonymous said...

Lisa looks like Fergie in the last pic.Lovely;-)

vie said...

Chioma Chukwuka is beautiful......Mona looks pretty too

stephanie said...

monalisa is looking darker.. why?
suits her though!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics but i dislike this chioma girl sha

Anonymous said...

MonaLisa doesn't look good with her hair pulled back, she looks like she's packing food in her cheeks. Chioma looks okay, this phot shoot was a miss for both actresses though.

esther said...

They just look better and better by the day. E3 PR welldone.

preye said...

monalisa just has bad facial features apart from her skin color. i love her though but chioma wins hands down.

Anonymous said...

don't display fat women, bad for your market as pictures dont come out well

Kiky said...

its not about monalisa being fat, what she is wearing i shorrible and doesnt flatter her at all. as a fotographer dey shuld know dat

Anonymous said...

@ preye said she has bad facial features apart from her color? so being fair skinned automatically makes her attractive, regardless of her "not so good features" like you said?
SMH..... and who said Monalisa is looking darker? FOR WHERE?

but yeah, both of these photo shoots were a miss.

Alabi Oluwasegun Leo said...

Two Beautiful Queens.

Femiluv said...

Chioma looks stunning, and Mona Lisa looks pretty good too!

skankmypeaceofmind said...

monalisa, isn't that beautiful though looks nice here and chioma the D' EVIL (if you know what i mean) is looking better here except for that top that seems to be squeezing life out of her and making her wobblies pop. way better than the "by force" motorcycle bad chick persona they made her portray the last time.

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