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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Riot in prison over Bode George

Reliable sources inside the prison revealed that on Friday Nov 20, some of the artisan inmates in the prison who were being marched to their workshop suddenly became violent on approaching Bode George's cell and started shouting, banging their implements on the gate, demanding that he should bring out the money he squandered for them to share or face their wrath.
According to the reliable source, the prisoners used their hammers, chisels and double edged bars to hit on the gate of his cell calling on the prison authorities to, without delay, provide a uniform for him or face the consequences.

The action of the artisans which sources said, attracted the attention of other prisoners, culminated in a general upheaval which nearly turned violent, but for the quick intervention of the Controller of the prison who ordered the immediate provision of an official uniform for Chief George.

Chief George now adorns the official blue top and trousers meant for all prisoners in the country.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers


Anonymous said...

babes, The date seems off o. Friday, Nov 22nd? of 2009?

Antonia - Beauty Health Finance and Green Issues Editor said...
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Unknown said...

How the so called mighty have fallen.I feel sorry for him in an odd way though it pleases me to see justice being served to the guilty.

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