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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Nigeria ban TV at work

The head of Nigeria's civil service, Steve Oronsaye, has banned televisions from public offices from the end of this week as they distract workers.

His spokesman said that Mr Oronsaye had observed that they "contributed to lowering productivity".

Correspondents say it is not uncommon to see people watching soaps and Nigerian "Nollywood" films at work.
Ministers' offices and areas that needed televisions for media reports will not be affected by the ban.

According to Nigeria's Daily Trust newspaper, subscriptions to satellite television stations will also be cut.

"The attendant subscription cost of cable television networks has become a drain on the recurrent expenditure in public offices without commensurate benefit", the paper quoted the statement as saying.
LOL. The things we make priority in this country.
Any thoughts on this?

Moving on...
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived in Nigeria on the fifth leg of her seven-nation tour of Africa.
During her 36-hour visit, Mrs Clinton will meet her Nigerian counterpart, Ojo Maduekwe, and later hold talks with President Umaru Yar'Adua.
Analysts say she will take a tough line on corruption and electoral reform.

Will keep you posted...

Finally...our hearts go out to the many who lost their homes and loved ones to Typhoon Morakot, which swept across to the mainland from Taiwan where the typhoon caused the worst flooding in 50 years. My God, did you guys watch it on CNN and Sky news? Couldn't believe what was happening to those people. Even a rescue helicopter crashed. God help them.

Typhoons regularly hit China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan in the second half of the year, gathering strength from the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean or South China Sea before weakening over land. Most casualties tend to be in mountainous regions prone to landslides and flash floods.
Really sad!

Will bring you entertainment news next...


Anonymous said...

hope Mrs Clinton takes the right dose of her pills before entering Naija.

Michael said...

Hello Mr. Blogger, I fully agree what you have written at this blog. Most of television viewers in US have made a smart decision to switch over to satellite TV connection. Ever since then, most of them have been improving their complete in-house set up. According to survey carried out most of the house owners were ashamed of their home entertainment system. They opined that satellite TV was a better option with better quality sound and picture.

Unbiased said...

electoral reform? Abeg she should talk about electricity and corruption ni o!!

I agree with the tv thing. Slows down work. Youtube is just as bad. lol!!

Sympathies to all them people cause in the typhoon.

Anonymous said...

Rather than tackle corruption at all levels ravaging the economy, they are looking for ways to discourage workers. rubbish. he/ she just wants to cut costs in other areas so there's more money to embezzle. shio. Awon oniranu

Theresa said...

I want to react to the anonymous person who said "he/ she just wants to cut costs in other areas so there's more money to embezzle". Have you ever been ignored by a receptionist simply because she is watching tv? How does it feel? Are they paid to watch tv or work? While i agree that Nigeria has to contend with corruption in public offices, i also think that little efforts made to increase productivity should be encouraged. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. If everybody tries to do the right thing daily, then Nigeria will be ok. Corruption and other vices will not disappear in one day, it is these little changes,(even though they are not high on the priority list) that will bring us the changes we so desire.

Comb & Razor said...

Removing TVs from the workplace IS a priority, though.

I never understood why they were there in the first place...

Comb & Razor said...

It's strange to me how outraged people are over the TV thing, though... It's like we've become conditioned to the idea that it's our *right* to watch TV at work.

It's called "work" for a reason, rather than "pleasure" or "recreation"... How on earth does anybody make the case that watching TV at work is appropriate in the first place?

(Sorry for the double comment... Pressed "publish" too soon)

TKB's thoughts said...

It is bad enough that most Government Offices dont do any serious work. banning Tv watching is like adding salt to injury. Except in Departments where there is real action, other Departments are redundant. With or without TV watching, Public Servants are the least productive, it may be an assumption but that is my candid view. Our Government should find something better to do to alleviate the suffering of the people rather than indulging in irrelevancies. I heard this piece of news about two weeks now and I was amused. If foreign stations and movie channels are banned, it is okay, but to cut people off what is happening when they are not sure they can listen to the news at home because of know what,Our Government should be more responsive and stop indulging in frivolities.

N.I.M.M.O said...

On TV: Its about time.

Most govt offices dont do anything anymore than watch African Magic from 8am to 4pm. They dont attend to clients and visitors.

Subsciption to the satellite TV is a form of corruption in itself as they dont subscribe to the right bouquets. AS long as it has AfricanMagic and Super Sports, nobody asks questions.

@Tokunbo: If they really want to follow the news, let them subscribe to newspapers and magazines. In the 70s and 80s, govt offices used to, do they still do that?

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