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Monday, 15 June 2009

Music news + Peter Okoye in NYC

Hey people...hope you all are doing great. I'm fantastic...just got out of a older sister's birthday and send off party. She's relocating to the US to join her husband...something I dread so much. No o, I don't dread getting married ...just relocationg. :) God put some sense into my thick skull now that I'm still young before I turn into an old maid and start chasing sugar Anyway, will bring you pictures from the send off party.

Speaking of parties, I was at the official launch of CENTAGE SUPERSTAR, which took place last Friday at the Civic Centre, will also bring you pictures from that event. For now enjoy some music gist...

Rumour has it that Ikechukwu has left his record label Storm Records to pitch his tent with Mohits Records. And I also hear he will be playing a role in HiTV and Dbanj's reality show Koko Mansion. Killz + the Koko girls = a must

Sauce Kid has joined Storm records. This is not a rumour...saw his interview on TV where he confirmed the move.

Another rumour has it that 'Maga don pay' crooner, Kelly Handsome is at war with his Record Label, Kennis Music. Nobody knows at this point what the problem is, but the singer who left the shores of Nigeria many weeks ago has refused to pick calls from his management.

Big Brother Africa is back

Big Brother Africa Season 4 has been confirmed and will begin airing on Sunday, September 6 2009, ending on Sunday December 6 2009, lasting 91 days.
As with all Big Brother series, Big Brother Africa: The Revolution will include surprises and unexpected innovations. However there are several main differences in the series. The prize money on offer has doubled and is now USD 200 000.

In addition, the house will have almost double the number of cameras and microphones. Further, the search for housemates has been expanded from 12 countries to now include 14 countries. Plus the old rules concerning ‘conspiracy in the house’ have been lifted and housemates can now form alliances and discuss their game strategy openly. Even the voting in the new season is set to undergo a complete transformation. This year, audiences will be asked to vote for the housemates they want to see remain in the series rather than the housemates they want to see leave the series. So it’s all about being positive and keeping the great players in the game. Go to their website to get more info...

Peter Okoye in New York City

Peter with friends and Jay Martins

Peter with Busta Rhymes

Photo of the day
Two single hot guys

Usher and Chris Brown are back in the singles game. Usher filed for divorce from his wife of less than 2 years, Tameka Foster (no surprise there) on Friday and Chris...well, we all know he's no longer with Rihanna. Hot guys! :)


wienna said...

wow...didn't know you had an elder sister, one who's married for that matter. Always thought you're the eldest. Wishing her the best o. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be easy leaving behind her whole family behind especially to go to another country one hasn't been to before.

Chineze Osayi said...

Linda congrats on ur sister getting married. Eh nya ... it is good. It is Vera, isn't it. Usher, i knew that, i mean c'mon his own mother did not attend the expensive wedding and Tameka already has 3 kids for another man before getting married to Usher. Usher's mom will see it as 'exploitation' as she has been managing Usher since the age of 14 or so. And she would know her son, i think. Ikechukwu is no longer with storm, wow, wonders shall never end. I wonder what happens next. Peter and Paul are really living large :-) Linda, congrats on ur tee shirt line and ur collabo with the Asian lady, u are on a roll, girl. PLease do take care of urself.

Wienna, longest time, how are you?

wienna said...

Na wa o. So, someone recognises me on blogsville? I'm honoured.
I'm good thanks, Chinezie. And yourself?


please chris brown is not hot in anyway!! no one dat hits a woman should be labelled as hot

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