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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Koko Mansion Opening Show.

This reality show is only aired on HiTV, which means only those who have it...can watch it. -:(. Totally sad about that. But we'll keep ourselves updated via the show's publicist, James Amuta, who will frequently send in pictures and stories about the show; so stay connected to this blog.
Here we go...

First Day Inside the Koko Mansion – LIVE [1]

The reality TV show that had kept everyone guessing, speculating, and criticizing, finally commenced LIVE broadcast at exactly 5:30 pm on Sunday, 28th June.

Our first surprise was when the delectable darling of Nigerian television, Marian Anazodo came on screen to introduce the show. Marian Anazodo? On Koko Mansion? Yes, the same Marian Anazodo whom we’ve all fallen in love with for the past 12 years on NTA. Definitely, her presence in the mansion immediately dispelled all notions of vulgarity, as have been touted publicly by ill-informed critics, who just had to shoot without aiming.

Seeing Marian Anazodo, who in all ramifications is qualified to be referred to as an Ideal Nigerian woman take the reins as the presenter of the show was indeed an ice-breaker that went a long way to promise viewers a very good show, where intrigue and drama are more powerful than vulgarity.

But before we continue, let’s back-track a bit, to bring you highlights from the MCR, where the brains behind the show were throwing all their magic portions into one big technical calabash that transmitted the LIVE feed to you.

At about 5:00pm, the MCR was buzzing like a bee hive, more than 18 robotic cameras were being operated from here, to bring you this opening show. The satellite uplink system was humming like an athlete waiting for the sound of the gun, while the crew was running from one monitor to another like investment analysts on Wall Street, but then there was no sign of panic; these guys have done it before, countless times, and all the buzzing and humming was just part of a well-oiled ‘production machine’.

A few minutes later, D’banj walked in, so excited, he said, “thank you guys for making this happen, finally, we’re going live, after all the challenges we experienced along the way” he went round hugging everybody in the MCR, really emotional about the whole affair, “my mother called me to tell me that this is the best thing I’ve done in my career so far”.

Okay, fast forward to the live show. Marian Anazodo took the viewers on a guided tour of the mansion, from the foyer to the living room - with its sensuous red furniture, and a life-sized painting of D’banj hanging on the wall. All the awards D’banj has won so far were displayed in a glass encasement in the foyer. From the living room, Marian toured the dining room, and then the kitchen.
From the kitchen, she took the viewers to the leisure area - where we could see the wine bar, the lawn, and compact swimming pool – very ideal for private millionaire picnics.
From the leisure area, she took us upstairs, but on our way, we couldn’t help but notice the stainless-steel balustrade on the staircase, and its finely polished marble steps. Upstairs, we explored the living quarters – the two bedrooms with six beds each – one room has an excellent Jacuzzi – all these for the kokollettes.

First Day Inside the Koko Mansion – LIVE [2]
Okay, time to welcome the 12 contestants. Let’s just list them in their order of appearance, with very brief descriptions:

*Rekana Sharon Ojong: a 23 year graduate from the University of Calabar; she is one lady who is crazy about fashion, but determined to prove to the world that you can be beautiful and intelligent at the same time.

*Chidinma Mbalaso: she is a very attractive 20 year old student of University of Abuja; her major concern is for people to see her as more than just a pretty face.

*Mary Osinachi Bruno: she screamed when she walked into the mansion, stunned by the sheer beauty – she is 21, a student of Lagos State University.

*Chioma Akuezue: A lot of guys are already saying she’s hot, but this girl is a 21 year old musician wants to be a superstar but not at the expense of her integrity. She sang for Marian, and she did well.
*Chinwe Hilda Ukadike: Immediately nick-named “tattoo girl” by Marian, Chinwe is 23, and has 3 tattoos. She describes herself as fearless.
*Lilian Ebhohohon: she’s just 18, but this girl has already established herself as a brave young lady who speaks her mind regardless of whatever consequences. She took over the conversation from Marian in less than 30 seconds. Wow!
*Victoria Oloye: she’s 20, and she wants her life to be an inspiring rags-to-riches story. She strolled into the house with no drama – had a nice chat with Marian and went back upstairs.
*Elizabeth Efe Era: this 27 year student of University of Uyo has already started selling her “mama” role; did you see when she went round the mansion to make sure all the doors were locked before going to bed? She said she would do it, and she’s doing it – playing surrogate mother.
*Shona Merenu: Her dreadlocks and her charisma are hard to miss. She’s 23 and very self-assured, and Marian sensed this. Even D’banj was quick to note her style was different. That’s Shona for you – unpredictable, and hard.
*Rita Igbinedion Isoken: she came in looking very pretty; just 19, she’s been through a lot of emotional trauma, and it showed when she was chatting with Marian.
*Bidemi Jolayemi: 23, a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University. She’s reputed to be the girl with the P.M.A – Positive Mental Attitude. We hope to see her positivity in action during difficult tasks.
*Bolanle Okhiria: did you see her dress? She was stunning, and Marian acknowledged that much. She’s 21, a student of Lagos State University, who ended up winning many viewers over in less than 5 minutes with her warm attitude – she was such a chatterbox, no wonder she dreams of starting her own talk show.

After the contestants arrived, the presenter introduced the governess, Chika Anadu – one look at her and you’d be convinced that she was tailor-made for the job of keeping these girls in check. D’banj joined the ladies briefly, had cocktail with them; toasted to good health and an entertaining stay at the mansion before leaving the kokolettes in the capable hands of the governess.

That’s all for now, more updates coming soon. But let’s hear what you think about your favorite contestants, and maybe discuss what you’re looking forward to seeing on the show.

~James Amuta
Publicist for Koko Mansion



Anonymous said...

Nne imeeela for keeping us informed.a pity that one cant watch it down here from europe.thanxs

Unknown said...

thank u so much...
this is good...
hope someone puts it on utube...
u should win best blogger of the year....

Anonymous said...

Not sure where you are in Europe but Hitv is available on Sky 204...good luck

Saw a bit of it - silly usual stuff but will be a laugh. Sadly with only one sky box in this house dont think i can convert hubby to sit through it at all! Pigs will have to fly

Anonymous said...

Sharon is cute,she's good at cooking,did the cooking morning,afternoon today and has got caracter too,1 of my fav...

Chidima:the most beautiful of dem all wth her fair flawless skin but she got it @first by dropping her hair in the bedroom ...kool and lovely,she's a good cook,she did that all day yesterday,neat,good dresser,kool temper,dont know where to place her 1st or 2nd place fav...

Mama(Bruno):D'Banj gave her that name..kool,calm,big and beautiful,good cook as demostrated that and really she's the mama in the house,lol!

Chioma:talented,i'll say all rounder but not my ideal woman(cant give deals and moreover my opinion),very playful too but good in all she does,she sings and a good dancer to the core,never tired...

Chinwe:a good personality,she's got it going i the house,one of those that keeps the house going,a good dancer...lousy though and fearless wth her image and voice,lol but a good dancer too

Lilian:the youngest of them and full of life,never tired wth those her steps,crazy,playful but on the making of an Ideal Woman

Victoria:cool but yet to see my Ideal Woman in her,dances good too..

Elizbeth:Mama #2,kool,calm,big and beautiful..she's got all.The oldest of them all,she's calm and collected,a good cook,she's demostrated that,motherly,I can sense that(might be of her age),she's got caracter(cud see on two or three occassions) but still love her,2nd place Ideal Woman..

Shona:dont know where to place her 1st or second...she's got caracter...bossy i will say(that's my opinion),@ first she seems shy,infact,D'banj noticed this abt her on the first day,but she wasnt at all,she's fire(by fire,her song),somewat snobbish but wth style/poise..she's to be loved to be hated,hot,Ideal Woman I must say,confident and Smart,talented,a good cook...hmmmm let's see how it will go.

Rita:wow,this lady keeps me on the edge but it's good sha,those that keeps the house going,real too eventhough...hardworking

Bidemi:the only Yoruba girl,she's kool and calm but havent seen wat i'm looking for in her...a good dancer,hardworking,beautiful too trust,d only yoruba girl now

Bolanle:wow,wat can I say,she's all in all,dont want to say too much,my Ideal Woman

My favs:Bolanle(dont know how 2 place them though),Chidima,Shona,Elizabeth,Sharon,Mama,Lilain

@Anon 2:53-if you live in Europe u can watch it on Hitv(Astra 1E-2C 19.2 E,frequency:12643/27500) or on Sky Channel 204)

Anonymous said...

please for those of us that are not in Naija, can someone upload it on youtube biko!


dats lovely u seem to get news as fast as it happens

Anonymous said...

Rita should be let go.She is a good girl but needs a lot of work done.It is wicked to say she is ideal when it is clear that she is lacking both in formal and informal education

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