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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Is Ola Ray Nigerian? + Rihanna before and After

Thriller was the video that changed pop music forever... and turned Michael Jackson into the biggest star in the world. Made by top Hollywood director, John Landis and lasting 14 minutes, it was the most expensive pop promo of its era with the unprecedented budget of £400,000. It helped Michael's Thriller album to become the biggest seller of all time with profits of £700million.

The video also featured a certain model called Ola Ray

Ola was a 22-year-old glamour model trying to break into acting in 1982 when she beat hundreds of other hopefuls to the part of Michael Jackson's crush in the mini-horror movie

Yesterday, May 6, 2009, it was reported that Ray sued Jackson in a dispute over royalties for the Thriller video.

Yeah well that's not the reason for this post. Someone told me today that Ola Ray is Nigerian. I've checked a lot of articles written on her and there's no mention of her being Nigerian...
But this friends swears he knows what he's talking about.
ngbo my people, is Ola Ray Nigerian?

Rihanna before and after

Rihanna last year

Rihanna last month

Rihanna last year

Rihanna yesterday

Is Rihanna's style changing???

Photo of the day

The two most influential black women in the world. Oprah Winfrey, the world's first female Black Billionaire and Michelle Obama, America's first Black First Lady.


Anonymous said...

ybf credits

Ovay West said...

what do you mean by is Rihanna's style changing? If there was a style continuum she has moved from one extreme end to the other. Its amazing. She's had the whole Island thing, She's been glamorous, She's been edgy/rocker chic, she's had the homeless chic/hobo look ( my style :P)and now she's sporting a sorta tom-boy look. Its amazing!!! I predicted the tom-boy and homeless chic looks.

Anonymous said...

so what if she is or not nigerian..
in yankee if her folk are nigerian it doesnt mean she is!!who cares

Anonymous said...

what do u mean is her style changing?she has d same hair syle n stuff....abi because she is wearing diff outfits?abi u wan make she wear d same thing!!!

Anya Posh said...

Yeah, when I was younger I heard she is Nigerian. Now...I dunno how true that is.

Anonymous said...

Just for a long time Naijas sweared that Nas is Nigerian, just bcos his dad's name is Nigerian, but his father is African American who has a nigerian last name, so I don't think she's Nigerian. Rihanna style has always been daring, unique, extreme which makes her stand out.

Simon SEEZ said...

dont care if shes Nigerian..

Rihanna...i guess shes tryin to make a "DONT YOU PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME" statement...

Loving the Obama, Oprah picture...added to my favourite pics folder..

been awhile i dropped something here..

Anonymous said...

The story about Ola ray is all a lie, she has apologized to Michael, ha niga. click this site

Anonymous said...

Rihanna is ever evolving. She looks better in each coming year, i daresay. Linda, how are u :)

Unknown said...

rihanna is slowly moving towards madness is my opinion.

kelly O. said...

im beginning to wonder if chris brown beat the-fashion-sense outta rihanna!!!

girl used to b point on stylish.

Unknown said...

Don't care whether she's a Nigerian.
Rihanna dressing style has always been so sexy.

Aloko.baju said...

Ola means tomorrow in the Yoruba
language of Nigeria. I just had a daughter that I named that.

Aloko.baju said...

Ola means tomorrow in the Yoruba language of Nigeria

Aloko.baju said...

Ola means tomorrow in the Yoruba
language of Nigeria. I just had a daughter that I named that.

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