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Sunday, 20 July 2008

What I know about love + Dragons Den Nigeria

I'm the last person to ask advice on matters of love. What do I know? What have I experienced? I'm not married, haven't been in many relationships, I started the love game much later in life. Sometimes I wonder if I've ever really been in love. I'm as confused about love as most of you are, but in all my confusion, there are a few things I know for sure about this thing called love.
These are the things I believe...
1. I believe that when you finally meet 'the one', that special someone meant for you, somewhere deep inside of you, both of you will know. It will feel like you've known each other in another life or another place...you just will KNOW!

2. I believe God knows when to send that special someone to us. He sends them when He thinks it's the right time , not when we think it's the right time.

3. I believe God has someone special for everyone. If the relationship you've been in or in right now didn't or doesn't work out, then that's not the person God wants for you.

4. I believe that love comes in the most unique and amazing ways. Sometimes when we least expect it.

5. Sometimes real love is just right under our noses. All we need to do is look well.

6. I believe in love we don't need to pretend or mold ourselves according to our partner's expectations. Let them love us for who we really are...

7. Love is the most beautiful gift, because with all the money and success in the world, if you have no one to share it with, it means nothing.

8. The mistake we women make is wait around for a man to make up his mind whether he wants to marry us or not. I believe that a real man pretty much knows right away when he sees his 'future wife'. After that, he's just checking to confirm what he already know...
9. There's nothing wrong with being single (If you're happy), but there's a lot wrong with being unhappily married.

10. When it comes to love, don't be a coward. Go look for it and hold on to it when you find it.

Ok, this is what I know about love. What about you? What do you know for sure about love?

Meanwhile, here's a new show called
Dragons Den -Nigeria

John Momoh
Ibukun Awosika
Femi Tejuosho
Chris Parkes
Alexander Amosu
and Toks Ishmael.

This show starts Broadcasts Sunday 27 onwards...
9:30 AIT and Channels TV for now.
Will bring you more detail about this show later.
Have a beautiful week ahead.


Anonymous said...

I beleive that God has a special someone for us all too and that He sends them when the timing is just right, the only thing with that is if we make Him the First in our lives then that works out fine, but if we only pick and choose the parts of his words we obey/follow, then He reserves the right to pick and choose the type of blessings we are able to receive from Him, including finding that special someone. So before we expect God to wave His magic wand and do yet another miracle, lets ask our selves what have we done to please Him today? What do we know we should not be doing that we are doing? Only then are we able to enjoy the fulness of Gods provision for His children.

Anonymous said...

right on Linda, very on-point!

Anonymous said...

What's with these copycat shows? What industries have these so called dragons conquered that would make them investors and experts? I can't wait to see how mama Iyabo will walk in to try and sell them a system of distributing akara(fried bean cakes)around Nigeria. Hopefully someone will be able to take themselves out of poverty.

Anonymous said...

Whats skills dont u have linda..Once u were tryn to SAVE THE WORLD LIKE (HIRO NAKAMURA) and next your Dr Phil...hmmmm.

I met someone i really love, damm, i've dated her for like 6 months now but i still dont breathe properly when she is around me, its like 50 first dates, everyday is a new start...

about reality TV Shows...i'm struggling to keep up with them now. Lookin forward to Project Fame Thou anchored by DARE...SHOULD BE COOL

Anonymous said...

I admire your consistency, drive and passion and i totally agree with your post.You are also very pretty might i add and i would like you to visit my blog, so you could tell me what you think....wwwredsapphire.blogspot.com....it's just the way its typed here....

Anonymous said...

Firstly my comment goes to Simon Seez,just like Linda said,if he/she is not right ,means that person is not the person God wants for u but I will say still go on and ask HIM,u'll surely get there.
Also,I agree wth ANON-July 20 @6:04
agree totally wth you,we human expect miracles, but we dont do things to deserve these miracles,like evry now and then I talk about LOVE I link it to GOD bcos He is Love but we dont seem to know this and that's why we dont always get it right all the time when it comes to relationships.
We can all imagine before choosing a spouses,we go to God in pray and if we are sincere ,we do all His commandments ,(imagine how that love will be,imagine quarrels are bound not to happen but if they were meant for one anoda they will be solved amicably not even amicably but wth love and other serious happenings in relationships and marriages) but we dont,we look at beauty,money and all others and when beauty fades or money finish alas we see more to wat we saw at first in our various patners.
Love is a great thing,im a living experience just that this space will not be enuf to relate my experience.
Thanks Linda,I respect u for who u are,keep it up and more grease to ur elbow,all u're 10 points I agree wth them,there are just the fact,welldone.

Sola Folowosele said...

Quite an age LINDA...stumble on yr blog recently..cool to know u are doing pretty well.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Leave love issues in relation to marriage to those that have crossed the bridge of spinisterhood and bachelorhoop. These are able to talk from experience. Anyone who has not tasted the waters of marriage live cannot talk with authority about love in marriage. Otherwise all these are mere illusions and fantacies. By the way Linda why are you still single? Still taking your time? Age is catching up with you. You are at your prime... Look wide and identify nyour Mr Right.... Who knows I am the guy next door...lol

Anonymous said...

So, when are u updating madam?

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