Sunday, January 6, 2008


The Naija Bloggers Party held yesterday but I didn't attend. I don't have any concrete reason for missing the event. I wasn't particularly doing anything so important that I couldn't leave it to spend some time with other bloggers.
I'm just a boring person
My apologies to all
I heard it was a lot of fun.
Twayne was there. So was Laspapi, Princessa, Unnaked, Tayo Odukoya, Overwhelmed Naija Babe and 20 others.
I'll definitely be at the Future Awards. I hope visiting bloggers will still be around. See you all then.

Now to the question of the day...
How do you help someone who is suicidal?


Tayo said...

IN FACT, I'm not leaving comments on your blog again! I still dey vex!!

O.E. said...

Now that's a deep question. I have never encountered that problem
But the internet has answers to everything. Here is what ( says

Here's How:

1. Be aware of the warning signs: depression, final arrangements, giving away of possessions, sudden elevated mood, self-destructiveness, and talk of suicide.
2. Be calm and accepting.
3. Give them your full attention; show that you take their feelings very seriously. A suicide attempt is never just a ploy for attention. It is a cry for help.
4. Do not be afraid to ask if they are thinking of suicide. You are not giving them ideas that they haven't already had.
5. Ask if they have a plan and a means to carry out a suicide. Those who have a definite plan are in the most immediate danger.
6. Don't leave them alone. If you must leave, contact someone you trust to take over.
7. Listen attentively and encourage them to share what they are feeling. Allowing them to vent will lessen some of the pressure they feel inside.
8. Avoid the urge to problem-solve or offer judgment on how bad things really are. How serious the problem is is less important than how serious it feels to them.
9. Keep them talking. As they tire, they will lose momentum and be less likely to act on their feelings.
10. Offer them a reason to go on in whatever form they will accept. Love of their children, hope that they can get well, even fear of a failed suicide attempt: all can help them hang on a bit longer until they get the treatment they need.
11. Encourage them to seek professional help as soon as possible. Let them know that depression is an illness and that it is very treatable. Help them make arrangements and take them to their appointment if necessary.
12. If you feel they are in immediate danger, don't hesitate to contact 911 or other emergency number in your area. It is not a betrayal of friendship to get your loved one help. They may feel angry at the time, but this will pass.


1. There is no right or wrong thing you can say. Just be yourself.
2. Seek support for yourself afterwards to talk about your own feelings.
3. Places you can take a suicidal person for help: a crisis center, ER, mental health center, or their own psychiatrist or family doctor.

O.E. said...

Also check out this website

Thoughts Aloud said...

@Tayo, hope u took pictures.

mixme said...

Hey Linda!
Didn't go 2 the Bloggers party cos u said u wouldn't be there. Would have loved 2 meet the lady that makes keeps me informed 24/7.
Thanks & have a fruitful new year.

disgodkidd said...

give them a noose...i couldn't resist...

Anonymous said...

Linda babes,

Haba! now, why did you not attend the bloggers party on the 5th of Jan. Eh! O gini kwanu? Eh! wetin? ... Nne kwanu. With all ur entertaining stuff that makes u interesting now u're saying that u are boring. Anyway kamu gwa kwa gi in all honesty i diro kwa boring. Maybe i ju kwa mu, for instance, u are just avoiding "things" (she smiles). Anyway u know best.

How was ur weekend? Take care now.


Anonymous said...

@disgodkidd, that was crude and tasteless.

@Linda, as o.e said, there is enough information on the internet. Good Luck.

Uzo said...

Hmm...Suicidal? That is intense

Inuke Omotola Davis said...

Get them help!

If the person has a definate plan eg "I am going to slice my wrists with the mdeium kitchen knife after everyone as gone to bed" kinda of plan, you need to keep them in plain sight at all times until they can talk to a counselor.
If the person is just havin thoughts eg " I wish i could jump of the Eko brigde", or " I just want to die" . You can go ahead and talk to the person and try to find out what is going on first before telling them to seek help.

NikkiSab said...

Well i tink u av to know wat is making dem sucidal, why de feel de maybe better dead than live anoda day.
Then u can try to show d person positive reasons and tins for them to stay focused on staying alive.
Don't be afraid to be a little hard on them. I tink sometimes de need a strong voice to shake sanity into dem.
Try to be patient with dem.
Don't be hard on urself wen tins are not moving so well with dem, u need to be strong and calm too.
Well these are wat i tink. And I didnt hear about d party, so who is to blame for d poor communication? hmmmm... Happy nu yr Linda!

Anonymous said...

am sendin a torrent of comments your way just cos of the naij jist o lol

Anonymous said...

comment 1

TWayne said...

Suicide? WOW that's hectic.

I did a thorough research on Depression late last year and I was quite shocked and scared at what I discovered. Especially the manic and depressive episodes suffered by people with Bipolar Disorder.

I think o.e. has said it all.

Suicide attempts are usually a cry for help. A smile here and there and a 5-minute seemingly meaningless conversation wouldn't hurt anyone. Hey.. invite them out to socialize with you, drinks or events. You find out most of these thoughts usually come during periods of isolation, usually by lonely individuals.

People! Depression is real but a lot of people are ashamed to admit it. Satistics show more women than men suffer from it.

Remember the internet chain mail of the 8-year old boy who was on his way home to commit suicide when a friend from school offered to help carry his books? He changed his mind after that.

Perhaps the best you can offer is a hand of friendship...

UnNaked Soul said...

kill someone or something in front of them, and make it a really butcherly... that helps