Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Naija Entertainment news

I'm going to start this news on a sad note.
Fast rising comedian, Chibuzo Ajoku, popularly known as Abagana is dead. He died on Thursday January 24th 2008 at a hospital in Gbagada. He reportedly died a day to his 32nd birthday from complications arising from a heart probelm, leaving behind a wife and a daughter. May his soul rest in peace.

From sad we go to very annoying. Now, I am going to write it exactly the way Encomium magazine columnist Stella Dimoko Korkus wrote it in this week's Encomium.

Crooner 2face and his multiple expectations
According to olofofos, the women lined up in his life to birth his second set of children will soon bring to bed their babies. 'Sumbo is about 7 months gone, and Pero is following with hers, which is five months gone. Following behind Pero is Annie Macauley who is about three and a half months pregnant'. These olofofos whispered that Annie has been telling close friends that Pero has been harrassing and threatening her to get out of 2face's life. This memo seeks to beg these women to live in peace and tolerate one another as the crooner has not yet made his choice about who will be his wife. Pls anyone who knows 2face and thinks he should stop this child breeding craze should get him a pack of condoms or advise him to go for castration.
As written by Stella Dimoko Korkus

When I read this, for a split second I felt ashamed to be a woman. Alot of people are condemning 2face, but what about the women in question? Why are they letting themselves be used in such a degrading manner? Don't we have any pride? I think there should be a limit to how much we let men cheapen us. So instead of saying shame to Tuface, I will say shame to these women...(If they trully are pregnant again). I don't want to believe this, but if Annie is also pregnant, then the biggest shame on her!

Moving on to other 2face news. Here's another story on him

2face storms Legato Niteclub
Gifted singer Tuface Idibia was at Legato Niteclub on Wed 23rd January 2008. He stormed the hangout in agray Range Rover and had two 'handbags' with him. Interestingly none looked like Pero Adeniyi or Annie Macauley, who are alleged to be carrying his babies at the moment. Lest I forget, the people at Society For Family Health and Gold Circle Condom should get another face for their advert. 2face with what is currently going on has proven himself a bad material for that campaign.
As written by Azuh Arinze of Encomium.

It must be grand being 2face Idibia. Women right, left and center. Instead of condemning his actions, I feel sorry for him. Maybe he's just looking for true love (Note the sarcasm?). Hope he finds it.

To other news...

Obasanjo begs Onabanjo
According to gossip mags, a close source to former president Obasanjo reached out to his bitter in-law Otunba Alex Onabanjo, begging him to forgive his son for his ear-deafening allegations. They say Obasanjo told Onabanjo that 'Gbenga has cursed himself by taking the action he took. He thanked the man for all his understanding so far as well as the matured way he's handled the mess, especially by not uttering a word ever since the scandal broke.

Meanwhile, Olumide Ogunlesi, the other guy who was mentioned by Gbenga in his petition, is supposedly now having problems in his marriage since his name was splashed in all the gossip mag. I hear his wife of six months isn't finding it funny...

Rasaq Okoya, Shade jet out for honeymoon.
Billionnaire Rasaq Okoya and his youngest wife Shade, who officiallised their union this January after 4 children, are off to Brazil. Okoya is 69, Shade 31.

Yahoozee crooner, Olu Maintain returns Hummer Jeep to dealer
Two weeks back, Olu took delivery of two poerful automobiles; a Chrysler and a Hummer, whic amazed a lot of people. The news now is that he has returned the Hummer, because the vehicle was not paid for in cash. He had an agreement with his bank to be paying the money through his shares and now it dawned on him that it is an elephant project and has since returned the Hummer to the dealer.

Ikechukwu and D banj duet video out soon
Having perfomed together at so many shows, the song, 'Wine am well', has turned to an anthem and Storm Records has just shot the video for the song. The video will be out in a couple of days, so look out for that.

Let's talk about sports...
What do you think of the Super Eagles performance so far in this year's African Nation Cup tournament? Who do you blame for our poor performance. The players or the coach?

Finally, if you're a graduate awaiting result or a corper interested in being a sales staff promoting a new energy drink called 'Long Horn', then go to Neimeth Int Pharm. I, Henry Carr street, off Oba Akran, Ikeja. Ask for Mr Onochie...from me via Mr Ernie Onwumere. Goodluck.

If you want more Naija entertainment news, check it out here...

Oh, by the way, these are Denrele Edun's sisters, Ronke Edun, 19 (on the left) and Jumoke Edun 17 (on the right)...cute girls huh?

Ok, I'm done. Over to you! I'm particularly interested in knowing what you think of the women carrying 2face's unborn children...



Olukunle said...

well...nothin do am...To all u olofofos, especially you Linda, dont u know that Tuface is a die-hard football fan who has deemed it fit to sire offsprings that'd replicate on the football pitch what he has done on the musical scene..
Abagana...I met him abt two yrs @ a 4Square when he came to perform at a friends show...cute chap...the comedy circle would definiteljy miss him..
well.. there's no doubt that Chief Onabanjo and OBJ are weathering the storm like the matured men that we think they are...
Ikechukwu and D'banj..that'd be mad...can't wait to see that video..

shola pacheco said...

true talk linda,tuface isnt to blame ho,when a woman cheapens herself even meat seller will buy.tuface sef should put a cap on it abeg.he wont know the effect of all this till old age when his kids start fighting each for annie macaulay i tot she should have been wiser anyways true ? will they flock him this much if he had no pay

Anonymous said...

At least Denreles sista luks sane -which is more than I can say for her brotha!

Meanwhile wats her claim 2 fame? being the crazy ones sista? hardly enuff! I guess shes yr friend so pls tell her to find a paid job.

as for 2face plzz free him hes a tramp

Dimeji said...

Tu face is a lucky guy. He is fortunate to be in the entertainment business, and that is what women want. every famous Nigerian musician is doing it, why not Tu face. Don't even talk of Yoruba musicians, the kings and Otunbas, I believe the women are enjoying it as well and the most surprising of all is that it cuts accross all status of women,wheather educated or not. Anyway they should all take care of their kids and educate them.

Olukunle said...

I like Olu so much but the guy fall my hand too much...ikanju o la be gbona...little by little, we go reach be to go buy two 'hot' machines at d same time to try pull levels..

Anonymous said...

Tuface is just an Ashewo (man whore). Needs to be tested for HIV if he is hitting all these ladies raw. ewww. That is one infected dick right there.

Bobby said...

Linda time did not let me come and see you as planned. And i had a lil something too. hiss.

Will be back soon and your spot will be my first stop.

Meanwhile Obasanjo just makes me sick...nyashing your sons wife and what not.

Kai. a potent mo'fucker...that guy just nuts and the baby factory begins to produce.


Anonymous said...

Tuface and D'banj, very overated! bunch of losers!
Okoya and Sade, enuff now! who cares!
Wow! Azuh Arinzeh is still with encomium hmm...
My condolences to Abagana family.

Iyaeto said...

Tu who?

Anonymous said...

hi linda,
u're dedication to this blog is commendable..keep it up!
though i didnt know him,may ABAGANA's soul R.I.P.

as per this Obasanjo-Onabanjo issue,i find it particularly disgusting. I have a feeling though that there's some truth to it. Gbenga would have to be completely INSANE to accuse his father-inlaw of incest without having knowing what he's talking about...Some people are of the opinion that its sexual abuse and all, but from the tone of his allegations, it sounds like something that was going on in the recent/not too recent past and Moji is an ADULT!

for tuface and his women, i wouldnt want to judge this women..only they know what tuface's got that they cant find elsewhere....maybe there's no nice looking man in their whole genealogy/generation/ancestry or they've never heard a man who can sing before........
how do u have a relationship with someone when u're absolutely sure he's got other women in his life????how do they do it???

alana said...

well said linda, ur begining to win my respect.

Anonymous said...

those girls shud zip abeg, but the biggest shame is on 2face

Anonymous said...

When 2face was a nobody which i know, nobody wanted to identify with him. So you can't really blame him.

I know... that does not give him the leeway to have baby mamas up and down.

At the end of the day i don't think he is going to marry any of those women but at least (i hope i don't get my head chewed off) his offsprings would continue where he stopped with the singing, hopefully.

Maybe that is the agreement he has with those women that are willing to have kids for him. I don't know o! I am just saying.

Another person to pray that he does not end up that way is D'Banj with the news circulating about him regarding his relationship with one "person."

As 2face be somehow their "baba." You know, now, in Nigerian culture, one go dey ever follow their older ones except one is very smart and really paying attention.

Enough said...

Thanks, Linda.

Anonymous said...

tu face has turned to something else oh..
he just might start losing his fans because of this his ashawo lifestlye !! anyway, i dont blame him,, i blame all the women in his life.

most shocking is the fact that that annie girl too carried her big head to carry belle for him????!!!!???

lagos don tire me mennnn !!!

Today's ranting said...

The obasanjo saga is such a shame.I think the allegations against obj is true cause he is quite mute over the matter.As for two faze and dem girls only God will deliver them from their ignominous acts.They are all crazy.If Annie is really pregnant then I will be really disappointed.

sassy said...

Tuface is a big disgrace to the society. kai. The man is a foolish morrafuker and to think he is d supposed face of gold circle condoms. how can?. foolish idiot of a man, it is not his fault,with all his exposure he no go skool mayb na im dey worry am.
as for those foolsih girls who in my opinion must be very stupid as well i pity them.
u know d guy u are barebacking is also barebackin other girls and u still dey there is just stupid. have they not heard of AIDS and the rest of those diseases. AIDS no dey show 4 face and u know 2face or innoface or wateva his name is will soon start yanshing someone else that might have something and then pass it to these his numerous baby mommas. foolish pple. and to think some of these girls are supposed 2 b educated.
as 4 Okoya them abeg future mothers teach ur children not to love money so much that they start marrying men old enuf to be their grannys.
may abagana's soul rest in peace.

Sasha said...

I concur with the statement Anon 12:11am made. What is with the women in Tuface's life?....In some way i don't blame Tuface. I blame the women and feel sorry for the unsuspecting babies who will be thrown into chaos as soon as they are born since they obviously won't be living with their father. How sad!. The whole shindig is utterly disgusting.
As for the Gbenga and Obasanjo issue, from the get-go, i always thot there was some truth to what Gbenga said. The guy is not certifiable to air his dirty linen in public or is he?....Lets stay tuned while the drama unfolds.
Madam Linda, keep up the good work. I have recruited a few North American sistas for you and they happily read your blog with me every morning. Can they have an autograph signed?....

Kpakpando said...

Annie is probably being harrassed, everyone knows that Pero is a tout. A mad one at that. That chick will stop at nothing when it comes to that tuface o, even if it means putting him in jail to have a little piece of him. Sumbo is a hard chick, that's why Pero doesn't try her, because she looks like she has no problem getting in a fight.
Annie is silly to get pregnant, after how many years and how many baby mamas? She's still messing with the man who has publicly rubbished her over and over again. Hissss I don't care how sweet his dick is, get some self respect and leave him alone haba.

Obasanjo should go and suck a lemon jare. He's now reaping what he sowed isn't it?

Olamild said...

It's sad to see how low some women are willing to go just to date a star. Sure it'll make them popular.... boost their self esteem n all...

Tu face needs a pack of condoms
Forget the baby issue for now
What about STDs?
What planet is he living on sef?

The women carrying his babies need to get their acts together. They cannot know happiness with a man that changes women as if he's changing his trousers.

Olamild said...

Lest i forget, OBJ is a disgrace to the yoruba community.

If everything I've heard about the sex scandal is true, that brother needs prayers.

Afrobabe said...

Tuface...hmmm I remember when the plantation boys used to be shooed off the stage in women women pregnant every the best girl win!!!

Anonymous said...

tuface own don worse pass becos we dey see the result every nine months abi? his colleagues nko? them better pass am? make i no name names o but dis "naija celebs" no dey use condom o be even belle be d problem sef, na AIDS ni!!!...make una use condom now?????? if d condom too rough for una...use lubricator now?(ky jelly)...i don talk my own o.....

Anonymous said...


You keep running away from the Oteri Agboro question. You keep dodging it. Why not confront the matter head on and explain how you manage to end up with Oteri from Dan Foster's hands

Incidentally you have also been avoiding mention of anything Dan Foster here

Anonymous said...

Ikechukwu is fooooooooooooine. Talk about thug loving.

D'Banj is sexy... personified.

Well, as for Tubaba, God go helep am, o!

Anonymous said...

na wa oo these Yoruba girls wont stop at nothing but have tuface, lol, well sha i am a yoruba girl so there is no stereotyping of any form.
Besides i thought Annie was over and done with Tuface,how come she carry belle now? Abeg for my Bro Olumide wetin happen btw him and gbenga, aww his wife must be really distressed especiallyu that she is 6months preggie.
Honestly Linda i must commend ur efforts in helping graduates who are idling their time waiting for jobs or posting by connecting them with a sales job.. Thanks always and God bless, i hope sha one day we'ld meet in person.. love ur blog

GamineChic said...

Denreles sisters?

19 and 17

che! they look older o, or is it just me

Linda Ikeji said...

@anon 4.55. Oteri Agboro is a staff of my company, he's been working for me since 2004 as the head of events. He also does catwalk grooming and choreographs our girls for pageants. Ever seen him on high heels? U shuold. And Dan is an ex...what's there to mention? Satisfied?
@bobby, im vexing for u o...I tot we wud see again..anyway, next time.

Nadia Ahmed said...

you were so right, the video of wine am well is so freaking hot, its unbelievable. go ik!

Olu said...

Linda, the Ikechukwu/D'Banj song is "WIND AM WELL" not wine am well...i hope d tuface story is not true!

Juliana said...

Hi Linda,
I must commend your effort on this blog. It is very addictive i must confess.
Never heard of Abagana but I pray he is in the bossom of the Lord and his family the fortitude to bear the loss.
The Obasanjo saga is very disgusting. But wether is true or not, Gbenga's decision to redicle is father is unacceptable especially b4 God. The Bible is very clear on things like this and he might reap the same thing from his children in future. His father might be paying 4 his past sins but can't he see this might be a curse?
What if 2morow he finds that those children are his, can he undo the damage on their self esteem etc?
As for Shade and Okoya, I have never liked dem and so to hell with dem. disgracful bunch!
Tuface and the girls, this is what poverty and low self esteem does to pple. I just pity the children, they are the ones that will bear the brunt of this foolishness. Examples abound in Nigeria.And to think Nigerians still celebrates him. Abroad they would hv reacted by ensuring he goes bankcrupt, no shows, no sales etc.
Pls what's the latest on Frank and Katherine Edogho?

Anonymous said...

naturally i used to luv 2face far back as plantationboyz but after that not anymore and the fact that he has turned himself to "kano uwankwo".he's no more an issue but these ladies are especially annie.i read ur previous post on this couple and i was pitying this babe but if it's true dat she 2 is carrying his baby's a pity though for 2face,he's got talents but he's choosen to waste them this way and even one of his talents is to have children all over,neither married or wth one person,not bad at all,lol!

Bel said...

the edun girls are really lovely and sane like i can percieve not like their bro,anyways....havent heard or seen abagana b4 but at that age,it's just a pity and a pity at that for his young wife and daughter,may God grant them the fortitude to bear his lose.
Also to the Okoyas,doesnt really interest me.saw some pics of her(Shade) on Meshida Lawal's FB profile,lovely though but kept thinking on how many more younger girls this Baba will be thinking of hooking up and Shade where will she be but the time she's 50?????
Also,b4 i 4got Linda,I watched a film(Secrets of the night) and towards the end of the part 2 of this film,infact ,the last scene was Clarion Chukwurah and Clem Ohameze .....,any news about this couple,I trust any news on this blog that's why i'm puttin this up,pls let's know the truth of that scene????

Toni Payne said...

lol.. nothin dey happen.. sup ma? Denrele's sis in red pants looks just like him

Toni Payne said...

btw.. when I heard agabana died, it dint quite click till a few days later, very cool guy, such sad news, I feel so bad for the fam he left behind, cant be easy

Cj-Az said...

Just read about Abagana's demise on your blog, Linda. I am still speechless. May his soul rest in peace, and may God grant the family he left behind the heart to bear his depature from this world. Amen!

Cj-Az said...

Just read about Abagana's demise on your blog, Linda. I am still speechless. May his soul rest in peace, and may God grant the family he left behind the heart to bear his depature from this world. Amen!

Cj-Az said...

Just read about Abagana's demise now on your blog, Linda. Am still speechless. May his soul rest in peace and may God grant the family he left behind the heart to bear his departure. Amen! Keep up the good work, Linda.

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