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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Looking better with age + Things to almost die for!!!

This stunning woman came to see me today. Great skin, legs, shape, lovely face etc...I initailly thought she was a few years older than me...boy was I wrong...it turned out she's in her early fourties...incredibly young looking!
What is her secret for looking so young I ask her...what she eats, drinks, exercise and peace of mind she says! Really? I thought it was just nature!
Here are pics of women still looking great at over 40. I used pics of 'oyibos' 'cos I don't have access to pics of our Naija women...
Check them out...
Jane Fonda
Age: 70


Age: 52

Barbara Walters
Age: 78

Siguorney Weaver

Age: 57

Beverly Johnson
Age: 52

Sharon Stone
Age: 49

Jane Seymour
Age: 56

Nicole Kidman

Age: 40

Helen Mirren
Age: 62

Jerry Hall
Age: 51

Demi Moore
Age: 44

Cindy Crawford
Age: 41

Calista Flockhart
Age: 42

Andie MacDowell
Age: 49

Michelle Pfeiffer
Age: 49

Here also are some gadgets to almost die for...especially for the guys...

Seiko instruments Bluetooth watch
The watch connects to your mobile phone (via Bluetooth of course) and displays important information on its face. The display shows you that little envelope indicating that you’ve received a new message, and then can also reveal who sent it and the message subject.

Cordless "Cube" 2.4GHz Speakerphone with MP3 Player
The imaginative design of this phone is so novel that it takes a few seconds, at first glance, to get to the inevitable, "Wow! That's a phone? I love it!" The cordless 2.4GHz speakerphone is just 3 1/4-inches cubed and barely over 11 ounces, perfect for countertop, desktop or bedside table

Dixie chopper Xtreme
Okay, so it won't be everybodies ideal gadget but the Dixie Chopper Xtreme is the world’s fastest lawnmower. It has a 990cc engine with the capability to mow grass at 15mph.If you've got a garden big enough (and a fair amount of spare cash) it could well be worth the £5000 to keep your lawn trim.
Logitech gaming mouse
The Logitech G7 laser cordless mouse delivers extreme cordless performance for all your gaming needs.Customize your mouse with advanced features such as game detection and adjustable sensitivity. The programmable tilt wheel adds an unprecedented level of control and gaming power.

Samsung 8MP phone
At the moment 8megapixel digicams are still the preserve of 'serious' photographers. But with phones such as Samsung's SPH-V800 due to be released everyone will be able to capture snaps good enough to splash over a magazine page.

Toshiba HD-DVD player
The world is about to go crazy for HD.HD stands for High Definition and is reckoned to give you clearer images than ever before.

Robosapien V3
Designed by a NASA scientists, the Robosapien is simple enough for kids and advanced enough for adults. Features include real, multi-speed fast dynamic walking, running and turning and fast, full function arms with two types of grippers LaCie brick 250GB HD
The Lego design is unique in the hard drive world and was designed by Ora-Ito to allow you to stack multiple drives on your desktop. The Brick is a USB 2.0 only hard drive, with a max interface speed of 480Mbits/second.

Cowon A2
The Cowon A2 is a sleek, attractive, and all-encompassing portable video player with video-recording capability.It possesses a bright, crisp 4-inch wide-screen LCD as well as a clean, visually appealing form factor and interface.

OLED keyboard
Each of the keys is a programmable OLED screen -- meaning that switching from shortcut layouts for video editing, Quake, Mail and anything you could possibly want are all just a button-press away.Release date is soon to be announced with all eyes on what asking price will be listed.

Like our Naijagal always says...what do you say?

Question for the ladies!

Ladies, what's the point in having sex with a man who is not your husband?

Monday, 6 August 2007

GUS 4 contestant dies!!!

One of the contestants in Gulder Ultimate Search 4 is dead. Anthony Mudiaga Ogadje died on Saturday August 4th 2007 from a drowning accident at Shere Hill, Jos, Plateau State, location of the reality TV show organised by Nigerian Breweries Plc. He was a 25 year old Geology graduate of Delta State University, Abraka. The search which was scheduled to start showing on TV from Thursday August 9 2007 has been postponed indefinitely. Sad! May his soul rest in peace.

RMD's New Post + Residents attacked by police

Popular actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, is the new Legal Adviser to the Delta State Government. I'm sure y'all know he's a lawyer...he got a second degree in law some years back from the University of Lagos. His first degree was Theatre arts from University of Benin.

Send your congratulations to him. It's a well deserved appointment.

Also, 19 people died yesterday on the Lekki/Epe Express way, when a bus carrying passengers and a car collided. Every single person in both cars lost their lives...may their souls rest in perfect peace and may God grant their families the fortitude to bear the loss...

Meanwhile, the police are still harassing and arresting people for indecent dressing in Lagos. I thought by now this madness would have stopped, instead it's getting worse with each passing day. Now it's an offence to walk around the streets of Lagos without an ID card. Your ass will be arrested and taken to a mobile court...in fact, there are mobile lawyers loitering the streets, waiting for any arrest so they can negotiate release and get paid...the situation is sad!

Residents attacked by police

A sadder situation happened a few days ago when the residents of Abeokuta and Freeman streets in Ebutte Metta Lagos, were attacked by Police men from the Denton Police Station. Homes were broken into, shops were destroyed, guns were fired, matchets were used on some residents and many were arrested and taking to the police station where their families had to bail them with N2 to N5 grand each. The Denton police PRO claim that the policemen had gone to the area to arrest miscreants but were attacked by the residents, smashing their windscreen and attacking them with matchets. The police men attacked had to call for back up...when the others got to the scene, they unleashed mayhem on the residents. Some of them were shown on TV, badly beaten and in need of medical attention.

The police is supposed to protect not attack it's citizens. Since Fashola's administration began...the police have been acting like animals. We can't live in fear of them...that's not the way it's supposed to be. I hope something is done about this situation soon...

Going to work....more gists coming your way later...cheers!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Personality: Alex Okosi

Let me start by saying that this guy is not very photogenic. He looks ok in pictures, but he's stunning in real life. This is the only guy in my life I couldn't take my eyes off. He was talking to me but I wasn't listening, I was looking at his lips, hands, groin area, my imagination running wild lol. Met him only once but 'twas a memorable meeting. Not only is he crazily good looking, he's very tall (6 '4'), athletic built, very down to earth, friendly, and has a great mind. Incredible guy.

This guy needs no introduction. Who hasn't heard of him and his achievement at such a young age?

For those who don't know him, Alex Okosi is a 32 year old, Nigeria-born and U.S.-bred, who has spent the last three years building what now is one of the fastest-growing international outposts of the farthest-reaching cable channel in the world--MTV.

He went to the US as a kid on holiday to see his siblings and decided to stay there and complete his education. He had his high school education at Philip Exeter Academy, and his university education at St Michael's University Vermont USA, where he studied Business and Economics.

He joined the MTV New York team in 1998, where he worked in the sponsorship development and trade-marketing group, before joining the MTV Networks affiliate sales and marketing team in Los Angeles in 2000.

He joined MTV Networks International in 2003 and had to move from the US to London. He was the brain behind the launch of MTV base, MTV's first channel for Africa in 2004. Alex was formerly the vice president and GM of MTV Networks Africa, but was recently (June 2007) promoted to the new role of senior vice president and MD, MTV Networks Africa.

Okosi is responsible for all aspects of MTV Networks Africa’s business operations, with the ongoing task of growing MTVNI’s brands in key territories as well as launching viable radio, mobile and online offerings that will resonate with consumers in Africa. He's also responsible for strategic direction, day-to-day operations and management of MTV's African bouquet of five music and kids' channels, including MTV base (MTV's new pan-African music television service), VH1, MTV and Nickelodeon. He oversees a network of staff based in multiple sites across Africa and Europe and covering a wide range of functions from Programming and Production to Music programming, Talent & Artist Relations, Transmission, and Marketing.

This is what Alex had to say about being single: “I am now focused on this project. But that does not mean I will not marry. I will marry when I find the right woman. A woman that is focused, ambitious, honest and caring. Yes, I will definitely marry a Nigerian" A Nigerian called Linda Ikeji? In my dreams I know lol.

Okosi says of his appointment: “My appointment as the General Manager of MTV Networks Africa is like a dream come true. I left my MBA education to do this. You don’t just dump your education to do something unless you have a strong passion for it. I believe in Nigeria, I believe in Africa and I believe we have lots of talents here and I would want to add to them.”

I love reading about young achievers, it inspires me to want to work harder and achieve more. Alex is a true inspiration. His meteoric rise is phenomenal. I remember the advise he gave me when we met, he said it's never easy, but be focused and dedicated to whatever you do and try to network and get others involved in your work...I remember that all the time. Great guy!
Oh by the way, this is what my dream man looks like...or something close! Hotness! Some woman goes back to this body every night? Lucky wench! lol

Friday, 3 August 2007

Fashion designer - Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah Creations

You all remember this picture I used for my Style Night poster? Well, the dress I rocked in that picture was made by Nigerian born, London-based designer, Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah Creations. He was part of the Celtel/Frank Osodi Red, Bold and Jazzy fashion show 2005, in Lagos, Nigeria.

There are two designers (Adebayo Jones and Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah) that have blown me away with their designs. I stopped what I was supposed to be doing and stared at clothes...beautiful creations.

I went through my archive and realised I have pictures of some of his clothes from that show...see his clothes and be blown away....

I present to you Kosibah Creations...

And here is the talented designer...Yemi Osunkoya.

A few things you need to know about him...

Yemi Osunkoya is the award winning designer behind the Kosibah Creations label.
Yemi established the Kosibah Creations label in London in 1991 and named the company in honour of his mother. The name Cosiba comes from the Republic of Benin and is the day name of a female child born on a Sunday.

Among the awards that Kosibah Creations and Yemi have won are:
Diamond Recognition from National Weddings UK, Sep 2005
Bridal Designer of the Year, 2002 and 2004, Mahogany Bridal Awards
Highly Commended, National Wedding Show, March 2002
GAB (Gathering of Africa’s best) Award, Through Fashion 2006

Celebrated clients include Louise Rose, leading actress of Universal film Life & Lyrics, Alesha Harvey, Sheila Ferguson formerly of the Three Degrees, Hollywood actress Indra Ové, Miss World Agbani Darego, and singer Stephanie Benson.

Kosibah Creations specialise in contemporary and elegant couture bridal, evening and formal daywear using luxurious fabrics and sumptuous embellishments. Yemi’s signature use of corsetry and boned bodices cleverly recreates the classical and elegant hourglass figure, producing gowns that curve, shape and flatter the wearer. All gowns are made to measure and made to order.

Kosibah Creations gowns have recently been shown at:
Kulture2Couture, Nov 2005, a celebration of leading UK-based black designers, sponsored by the Mayor of London’s office,
Best of Nigeria Expo, Oct 2005,
Hurricane Ivan Grand Fundraising Ball and Awards Ceremony, organised by the Grenada High Commission, Oct 2005,
Red, Bold and Jazzy Show, held at the Eko Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria, July 2005
Harvard Business School, Boston MA USA in February 2006
Kanu Heart Foundation Charity Show. September 2006
Kulture2Couture, Nov 2006 at the V&A Museum

Kosibah Creations is located at Studio 7, 44 St Paul’s Crescent, London NW1 9TN. Tel - +44 (0) 207 424 8832. Visits to the studio are by appointment only. For more information, visit http://www.kosibah.co.uk/.

Is this guy a genius or a genius? I love his originality and the fact that his clothes are made to emphasise a woman's curves...what do you love about his designs?

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