Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Marcheline Bertrand

You might all not know the name but she has a famous daughter, famous son-in-law and a famous ex-husband. I used her name as title because I wanted to give her her own identity which was something she hardly had while alive. Her name doesnt sound familiar to you does it? She was french and was once an actress.

She died on saturday 27th January 2007 at a medical centre in Los Angeles. The 56 year old former actress battled cancer for seven and a half years before giving in last week. She was surrounded by her children.

Okay, let me let the cat out of the bag

Marcheline was Angelina Jolie's mother, Jon Voight's ex-wife and Brad Pitt's Mother-in-law? Maybe some day.

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Calabar gal's pal said...

I know Marcheline Bertrand, but i love the way you carefully explained who she was for the benefit of those that may not know, cos as you rightly pointed out, she didn't have her own identity when she was alive, even though she was an actress in her own right. However, i think that if you really stand out and are meant to be popular, you would, regardless of which famous person you're linked to. Angelina's dad, Jon Voight, was also very popular. I can never forget watching The champ many times and crying along with my mum when i was little; also The Odessa file.
Angelina decided not to use her famous dad's name cos she wanted to be acknowledged for her talents, and not because she's Jon Voight's daughter. She proved this when she won her first Oscar for Gia. I sincerely believe that even if she were not Jon Voight's daughter, Angelina would still have been as great as she is today, as she is also a splendid actress and one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is still mourning her mum and has lost a lot of weight as a result.
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