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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Will you buy this Nicki Minaj inspired wig for $3,850?

Rapper, Nicki Minaj shared the photo above, of a wig someone is selling using her name..she jokingly asked to get a consultation fee since the owners were using her name to make the sale. She wrote:

Chile they out here charging 4 racks for a Nicki wig. Can I get a small consultant fee? 😩 I'd like to get a cpl coinz too if possible sis! - booking info in bio 😂
#RakeItUp 💰 [someone said that wig betta send me to Prague] 😢😭
Someone actually said that the wig better send her spinning to Prague and better walk up to her and get on her head by itself, lol.


Manuel Kunmi said...


dee boi said...

Won't be surprised to see it on ur head madam Linda... dee

joyous baba,LindaIkeji First cousin said...


omoh said...

Enter your comment...no, I have better things to do wit such money.

Anonymous said...

Even if na rapunze hair. I no but.

Anonymous said...

Her face look like the dull way wear am...

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