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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

"Bring those dollars and pounds.God needs them" Ugandan clergy tells Christians to give offertory in foreign currency

The Anglican Chaplain for Parliament, Rev Canon Christine Shimanya, has advised Christians who give offertory in Shillings to also bring dollars and pounds, Daily Monitor Newspaper reports.
"Some Christians have dollars and pounds earned from international conferences; instead they change the money to Shillings before bringing it to church as offertory. Bring those dollars and pounds, God needs them,” Rev Can Shimanya said while delivering a sermon at Namugongo Martyrs Church of Uganda on Sunday, July 9.

She also criticised Christians who prefer physical exercises to prayers on Sunday.
Canon Henry Ssegawa also supported Rev Canon Shimanya’s call, saying the church needs money with higher purchasing power.
“Some church members are already contributing in dollars, pounds, Kenya Shillings name it. They have told you to bring dollars and pounds so please give dollars and pounds as offertory,” he said.
Rev Shimanya also urged the congregation to seek God in order to prosper.
“Repent repeatedly and seek God in your life, business and at work. You find that you pray but none of your prayers have been answered. You have to repent to clear and clean the way for blessings,” she said.
“If you plant righteousness in the family, you will reap good children. Be strict and tough on children to have them grow up into responsible persons,” Rev Shimanya advised.
Source: Daily Monitor


kayode odusanya said...

Some money hungry pastors would dine with wolves at the expense of the lives of their sheep.

An Unusual Christmas in Ibadan (A Romance Story by Kayode Odusanya)

Anonymous said...

The church needs the money not God. God doesn't need your money for anything these churches should stop deceiving gullible members ibeg. God is riches Himself so why would he depend on humans. He can do His things all by Himself

B€£ said...

Like seriously

Ebuka Henry said...

Ok. No problem

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

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